In Isolation a compilation of modern contact juggling - DVD - 135 mins

From Kaskade, The European Juggling Magazine, Issue 84 2006. Gabi Keast Writes ...

"A compilation of modern contact juggling, DVD, 135 min, directed by Jago Parfitt, Fullmoon Performers, production Beard Juggling Equipment, available at

There are lots of reasons to get excited about this DVD. The aesthetic shots of stunningly beautiful countryside and the fascinatingly lit stage performances (congratulations to the lighting engineers) are a feast for the eyes, just as the well-chosen, mostly meditative background music is a feast for the ears. This is also the backdrop for 16 of the best contact jugglers performing today, who demonstrate their skills in long sequences varying from open air to stage settings. As you would expect, acrylic balls feature prominently, but we also get to see some highly original sequences with hoops, clubs, cigar boxes and poles.

A workshop in pictures with English “subtitles” provides a detailed explanation of the basic moves of contact juggling. Interviews with the artists themselves open our eyes to what lies beyond what we have seen.

This is a “how-to” DVD for beginners, a pool of ideas for advanced jugglers, and a nice relaxing evening in front of the telly for couch potatoes."