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Jago JA is a creative modern-circus company founded in 2002 as Fullmoon Performers and run by juggler, Jago Parfitt. We specialise in the very best of artistic mixed-media juggling performance.

Jago JA embraces the widest possible interpretation of the juggling art and gives it a contemporary twist. From Maori fire chains and Chinese staff-spinning to magical crystal ball manipulation, futuristic LED (glow) juggling and funky leftfield routines with traditional props, we present unique acts to the highest technical standard.

Our passion is in mixing dance-based juggling choreography with music and for this we draw extensively on our artists’ backgrounds in physical and street theatre, martial arts, contemporary music, graphic design, many types of dance, magic and mime as well as circus arts. Our acts include work with choreography, costume, character, special effects, movement dynamics, and show-craft. We create walkabout performance using the skills and themes from our shows.

We are a group of hard-working, talented and reliable artists who deliver innovative performances and training for all kinds of events across the UK and abroad.