Social Inclusion Agenda  


Juggling and Circus
Modern Juggling: Advanced

You might be wondering what kind of benefits or educational outcomes you could expect from Jago JA workshops in 'Juggling and Circus', 'Samba' or 'African Hand Drumming'. Or you may be looking for a way to express things you already know in a funding application to pay for our work. In either case, here are some ideas drawn from our experience:

1. Concentration skills - both drumming and juggling involve a considerable degree of concentration to practise. Our experience is that most workshop participants (including those with normally short attention spans) achieve this very easily and are often surprised to find that they have been focussed for several hours without realising it.

2. Engaging 'socially excluded' and 'hard to reach' people - our experience as qualified and practicing 'Youth' and 'Development' Workers is that the energy and themes of our workshops are a uniquely powerful way of engaging people who don't usually participate in arts activities.

3. Teaching / learning skills - our juggling workshops use structures which lead to participants teaching and learning from each other. This experience encourages communication skills (including listening!), patience and is a powerful confidence building experience.

4. Communication skills – Jago JA workshops often involve participants in explaining ideas, negotiating with other group members, making joint decisions, listening and even teaching others. In a fun way, all of this means communicating and is a great arena for participants to develop skills in a relaxed environment.negotiating with other group members, making joint decisions, listening and even teaching others. In a fun way, all of this means communicating and is a great arena for participants to develop skills in a relaxed environment.

5. Creativity / self expression - what better way to find an outlet to our thoughts and feelings than through art forms that have very few preconceived conventions. Drumming is clearly a wonderful expressive outlet but you may also be surprised how much modern juggling techniques reflect creative dance, movement and comedy than just pure skill acquisition.

6. Developing confidence and self-esteem - discovering hidden skills and achieving feats that were hitherto thought impossible can have a very positive impact on participants' views of themselves. Also, drumming and juggling are not as hard as most people think, so a little effort usually brings great results!

7. Developing relations between different groups / family members / young people and adults / communities. Our fun learning environments are a great place to build links between different individuals, groups or families. Workshops that lead to public performances are also excellent ways of bringing communities together or raising a positive profile of young people in places where there may be difficulties between young people and adults in a community.

8. Linking right and left brain hemispheres - much scientific research suggests that the co-ordination involved in juggling and drumming builds strong links between left and right brain hemispheres. This has been linked to reduced anxiety, increased brain function and all round good health!

9. Physical co-ordination – it’s that rubbing your stomach and patting your head thing! Our workshops involve a large amount of physical co-ordination practice which can be applied to all sorts of other things. HOWEVER our sessions are all about finding appropriate challenges for whatever your level of ability and co-ordination-a-phobes (!) are very welcome.

10. Team building - imagine the feeling of knocking out your first carnival samba tune or even putting a whole performance together. In order to do this, any group will have had to made plans, come to joint decisions, supported each other and built a sense of group motivation. These are great skills and experiences to take away from a Jago JA workshop.

11. New experiences - whilst you may have seen performers around, actually being involved in modern juggling or drumming is a new and exciting experience for most people. You never know, you may discover a hidden talent? - or become hooked, like us!

NOTE: All Jago JA workshops are led by trained and experienced facilitators who create a safe space and supportive learning environment. Many of our trainers hold nationally recognised 'Youth and Community Worker' qualifications and all are CRB cleared.